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Achtung Ahmedabad!

November 4, 2010

Yeah you better watch out Ahmedabad. Watch out for the angry young man who’s ready to dispel the doubts that crept up the moment he took time off to let wounds heal.

Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir’s 2010 in test cricket hasn’t been chequered, it’s been plain frustrating. Recurring injuries have kept him from  finishing even the 2 test series’ that India have played. He has often spoken about the insecurity he felt thanks to the selective memories of the media and selectors and how he worked hard to make sure his knocks second stint kept him in the team if he were to fail or miss out on a couple of games due to injuries. He’s succeeded so far and now is the time for him to pick up from where he left off and keep scoring runs.

That he needs to fight serious claims from competition not just the machinery of change is a welcome problem.  The replacements have done well, leaving you wondering how the current batting order could be shuffled to accommodate youngsters who need to play regularly enough to keep the team’s standing stable over the long run. Gambhir’s spot is one of those being eyed despite the amazing 2008-09 he had in that role; he still needs to cement it. What opposition better than the one his best knock came against? Plus the venue too has history with Gambhir.

Those are the innings which defined his ability to be a calming influence, a dependable batsman on the same level as Dravid and Laxman in India’s batting line up. So with the recoveries and a break from India’s hectic schedule taken, it’s upto him to leave his stamp on New Zealand’s tour of India, 2010, beginning at Ahmedabad today.


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