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Will We Win?

August 27, 2010

Is not as important a question as ‘Will this be the last we see of Sri Lanka for the next six months?’

But it is an important question nonetheless. Call me a left brained fart but I like to see signs from past games and interpret them such that they point towards a good performance in a coming match. Which is why the current tri series has left me confused. Are we losing 1) alternate matches generally, or 2) alternate matches against each opponent. Scenario 1 means we lose the final, 2 means we don’t. We’re usually safe against SL if we’ve lost the match just before the final. Won’t read too much into it but it happens (Compaq Cup, 2010 Asia Cup) and so does the opposite (Asia Cup 2008, the tri series in Bangladesh earlier this year).

The reliance on Sehwag is worrying and the failure of the rest to adapt to conditions at a venue they’ve been regulars at in the past two years is shameful. This, with the world cup countdown clock ticking and only half the squad being a certainty.

The bowlers, for once did a great job. Most of the while. Once Kyle Mills started going after them though the familiar numbness returned. That’s a problem they have to look out for in the final. You’ve had longer breaks to plan your moves than you did in the IPL MS, sit with Eric Simmons and get some set pieces going for when the conditions are supportive and the tailenders are in.

My trump player for Sunday: Tilakaratne Dilshan

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