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May 29, 2010

The juniors who went to Africa on a picnic because the seniors went away on ego trips were waylaid by the Zimbabweans. The players overcame initial hiccups and were beginning to have a good time when the Zimbabwe charge caught them by surprise.

Stung by my fierce criticism last week, Ravindra Jadeja showed he can do the batting bit of an all rounder. However he forgot that a proper all-rounder can bat and bowl well in the same match. His bowling sucked. It didn’t suck as bad as the others’ did, actually it was much better than the rest but it was just not good enough.

Rohit Sharma was cool like Ice Cube, he had a good day; rescuing the innings and getting to his first international century, moving on with life and such all.

I think it would be wrong to call this team crap after just this one match. This is a result you’d expect when you put that staggering amount of inexperience against a fiercely competitive side. The captaincy certainly didn’t help but that’s another matter by itself.

We play our buddies from across the Palk Strait tomorrow. Let’s hope we don’t get Sri Lankicked out.


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