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All or Nothing

May 13, 2010

I liked the Indian team that played in the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup.

They weren’t very experienced, a captain who wan’t burdened with expectations, some good players who were coming off a mediocre season and a lot of players whom we were seeing for the first time.

That bunch of unknowns gave it their all.

They ended up winning the damn tournament.

Celebrations ensued. MBEs Rewards were handed out. T20 became legit and the IPL took off.

Then last year, bunch of tired, homesick cricketers folded up in England without much resistance. But they did give it a shot. Against the Windies and against England, it came too late but there was something.

This time they just lazed around and went through the motions, making excuses for everything they messed up.

We should have known. Yuvraj was affected by all the allegations being thrown at him. Gambhir didn’t like the pitches. Sehwag’s injury was learnt of in time. Dhoni wasn’t playing for a master who paid him lots so he didn’t owe it to anyone to take the team to at least the semi finals from where it becomes a lottery. Yusuf Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja were all round disappointments.

The bowling looked like they would have given away whatever the batting got had they clicked.

The 2007 team gave it their all. The 2010 gave nothing, not even a performance.


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