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What Chennai and Deccan Need To Go Ahead To IPL 2010 Semi Finals

April 17, 2010

Twists, twists and more fcking twists.

Not really, no.

The biggest twist tonight was the Hotspurs beating Chelsea at White Hart Lane days after defeating Arsenal giving Manchester United a chance to end up on top of the Premiership Table.

The IPL meanwhile followed script as the underdogs notched a victory. KKR beat Rajasthan quite convincingly, by 8 wickets to take the Royals out of the equation for the fourth semi finals slot. But before that, the much backed Mumbai Indians crushed Bangalore’s Royal Challenge by 57 runs.
It’s not funny how strong Mumbai look this year. Sachin has been the Guns of Navarone for them, now even their bench strength has risen to the occasion with Duminy flaying the RCB attack for 42 off 19 balls.

This means that the two matches tomorrow will be decide the last remaining spot. Chennai need to win tomorrow against Kings XI Punjab and then hope that Deccan lose against Delhi. A DC win would see them go ahead on points but a loss and a CSK win would see CSK go ahead on NRR.

A third possibility is that Deccan beat Delhi and CSK beat Punjab healthily enough to retain their NRR. That would see Delhi with their puny NRR of +0.066 go out. And that is the carrot on the stick for Delhi to beat Deccan convincingly.

So it’s not all over.


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