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Charger Choke

April 1, 2010

I want to know what went through Andrew Symonds’ mind when he was swiping at Shane Bond. Did he know that Ajit Agarkar had finished his quota of four overs, that only Mohnish Parmar remained with an over, that Gayle had not been bowled yet in the innings?

KKR’s fielding was still shoddy but the surprisingly accurate and unrelenting bowling made up for it. DC meanwhile are now seventh in the points table; they need to resuscitate their campaign now before it’s too late. They could begin, like Homer says, by handing more responsibilities and chances to the young, local talent in the team.

My players on Dream11 like Mathews and Symonds kinda underperformed; others like Gayle & Gilchrist failed outright. I’m now regretting not having chosen someone from DC as my trump player seeing as they have two matches in this round.

The less said of my team on Cricinfo, the better. My position in the Bored League is awesome for the wrong reasons. It involves an extreme reverse version of the Midas touch in which player, even when in the purple patch of their life play shit the day I bestow the Trump Player duties on them. Happens all the time. It’s hard to catch up once you’ve had a few poor matches in a row but Angelo Mathews as my trump player tonight should have picked up useful points.

If Dada can earn you points in a T20 match, anyone can.

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