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New IPL Franchises

March 23, 2010

Pune shmune, Kochi schmochi, Sahara schmahara, Rendezvous Sports World schmondezvous schmports schm………. err, you get my point, don’t you?

Why waste money and time buying a team, supporting a team, following a team? Imagine the fucken paperwork involved. And then there’s the chance that the pansies might not want to come due to ‘security apprehensions’. Fantasy Cricket is tha bomb, I don’t have a single blackberry but I’ve got hundreds of teams!

I understand that bids higher than the one proposed by RSW for Kochi were submitted for other more popular venues but all those guys lost out to the uniform mega bid submitted for Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Pune by Sahara who are now rethinking their sponsorship deal with the Indian national cricket team. RSW recognized the financial muscle of the expatriate Keralite to make a successful bid for Kochi.

Rendezvous Sports World did the smart thing by bidding high enough for a much overlooked franchise

Well played Sir!

The biggest IPL auction ever which will be in September later this year will rearrange and spread somewhat evenly the talent available but these two teams will still be eating into the fan base and catchment areas of the older teams. The Pune franchise reinforces the Mumbai – Maharashtra divide, poaching from the Mumbai Indians fan base; Maharashtra is already divided into Mumbai, Maharashtra and Vidarbha. Mumbai Indians had players from Maharashtra in their squad till last year, most noticeably Yogesh Takawale.

The Kochi franchise will affect the catchment area of Chennai Super Kings but CSK never did play any cricketers from Kerala, they’ve barely used anyone from outside Chennai in the team. Come to think of it, there are not many cricketers you can think of who come from Kerala. Yo Mahesh plays for Delhi and Sreesanth plays for Punjab. Will Sree be brought back to captain them? I would love to see that.

Both these new teams need major superstars to lead them and build a following around. CSK and Rajasthan were in a similar situation in 2008 when all other franchises. Warne luckily came cheap for RR but CSK had to fork out the then highest bid for Dhoni the biggest, most popular character not associated with any of the other franchises.

The new teams will have scouts keep an eye and a bank of cameras on the T20 leagues around the world and also on the T20 World Cup.


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