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The Arsenal of Megadeth Can’t Be Rid

February 9, 2010

Whatever that means. I can’t make sense of it just like I can’t make sense of why we folded twice in two days to Steyn, Morne on-the-up Morkel and Paul mo@~*f)&^%#g Harris.

I thought they were awesome and unplayable but I’m not a test player. The best cricketers from one country are supposed to compete with the best cricketers from another, not sit back and be glad that one of the two debutants will take the fall.

Saha, Tyagi and Mithun with .33% of test match experience each have been dumped from the squad for the second test. Dinesh Karthik, Sreesanth and Suresh Raina come in.

Karthik/Raina can come in the place of Saha, I don’t know where Sreesanth comes in. He should definitely not come in at the cost of Mishra because the bigger problem no one is talking about is the Harbhajelephant in the room. Bring in Ojha, bring in Sreesanth and stick with Zak and Ishant.

Graeme Smith will be prepared for a repeat of Kanpur ’08. It’ll be pretty funny to see Johann Botha and Paul Harris running through us. Hopefully the inner Hulk in Gambhir has been angered enough for him to churn out a series saver.

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