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Cricket With No Strings Attached

October 10, 2009

Watching teams that I know shit about lose is quite a relieving feeling. No disappointment to shrug off. Maybe it’s because my fantasy team has been doing well. Or the hot cheerleader close ups.

The Champions League T20 has been fun with the pitches which have made it a contest between the bat and the ball. Hopefully more than a few minds will be changed about ‘the nature of subcontinental pitches’ by the time this tournament is over.

It’ll also valuate the IPL sides skill and sporting value wise never mind how much they cost and slot them in the world order of domestic set ups. Maybe the debate about what kind of domestic system nurtures the best talent will be settled here.

Also interesting to watch will be the difference in the mindsets of players when they play for a home team against when they play for a team that pays them a lot. A lot of IPL & national duds/ perennial benchwarmers/ discards are in this tournament playing for their state teams in the CLT20 so it’ll be interesting to see how they seize their chances on the closest thing to a international tournament they’ll get to play representing a domestic side.

Anyway, the return of international cricket to India and the planning for this tournament meant that I spent a lot of time online changing my team and found this while going through the rest of the site:

He’s no bird but boy can he fly! Brendon McCullum’s electric wicket keeping is only bettered by his explosive batting. Practice your skills with the Otago Volts, Kolkata Knight Riders & New Zealand wicket keeper as he prepares for the Champions League T20 in India.

Catch It Like It's Swine Flu

Catch It Like It's Swine Flu

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