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India vs. Pakistan

September 24, 2009

The mother of all matches.

A match so tough that the man with balls of steel Yuvraj Singh put his hand under the heavy pitch roller so that his pinkie would be fractured & he could get out of playing the match because he couldn’t take the tension.

A match so intense that Sachin Tendulkar hasn’t slept for the past 2 months because he is busy visualizing his shots.

A match so important that Shahid Afridi lovingly nursed Younis Khan to recovery so that he could lead again lest Afridi lose all the recently earned love because of any potential screw ups.

A match so vital that the even the Delhi Daredevil Wildboyz weren’t up for the challenge. Sehwag dropped out months ago while Gambhir’s late & poorly thought out ‘injury’ might yet get him out of it.

A match which will change the face of the earth so drastically that a robot was sent from the future to give the message to the Indian selectors to select Rahul Dravid in the squad because he is the one who can handle the short ball.

A match so eagerly awaited that Shoaib Akhtar got himself genital viral warts & enemies in the PCB so that he could watch it in HD in the comforts of his house rather than from the unbelievably uncomfortable third man boundary.

A match so crucial that the whole Indian team and all their supporters will be hitting every bar in town, outside town and within a 100 mile radius of town to pick up girls and sleep with them to make sure that they perform at their best on the field.

It’s the match aliens have landed on earth for, chickens have crossed the road for, Bruce Willis has died hard for & Arnie has come back for .

It’s a match I’ve made my fantasy team for. What are you waiting for?

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