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The Usual Suspects : ICC Champions Trophy Group A

September 18, 2009

Group A of the Champions Trophy went from being the Group of Death to being the Group of Bullies Against a Hapless Kid in the time it takes the WICB to mess up talks with a players organization.

No, seriously.

Here’s a preview for the Champions Trophy.

In the canary yellow cornerAustralia!!!:
Defending champions Australia look like they have had a good year but they’ve not. They have wins against NZ, WI, Pakistan & Bangladesh but the one good team they faced (South Africa) beat them both home and away.

Thankfully, in the lead up to this tournament they’ve put all that behind them and are on the verge of handing England a 7-0 drubbing in England. Which makes this tournament more open. Which is what it friggin needs to be.
TNT (well, hopefully) : Brett Lee, Cameron White, Mitchell Johnson.

In the cornered tigers corner, Pakistan!!!!!!!!
Very short on match practice but that didn’t stop from winning a World Cup a few months ago. The ODI series against Australia in Dubai & the one in Sri Lanka saw them go downby the same margin 3-2.

The bowling has been pretty good but it’s the batting collapses that have hurt them a lot. Afridi 2.0 might explode again so that’s something you can look forward to.
TNT: The
Akmals Umar & Kamran, Umar Gul, Shahid Afridi & Mohammed Aamer.

Mentally and to a large part physically at home because they couldn’t agree upon a corner, West Indies (Board Presidents XI) !!!!
These guys are a second string side. No amount of ‘Official Team: Certified by WICB’ stickers
are gonna change that. The first line up had not exactly set the world on fire in the past season.

All this line up did was carry on the tradition against the one team the original line up could have beat. Not much hope. Any upsets will be absolutely thrilling though.
TNT( More like damp gunpowder, really): Devon Smith, Dave Bernard & Travis Dowlin.

In an undisclosed corner, India!!!!!
Strongly tipped to win but the only thing holding them back is their history in multilateral tournament finals, the pace attacks inability to think, the brain freeze against the short ball, the all body freeze when fielding and the undisclosed injuries.

But they’ve won 5 of their last series played across SL, NZ, India & WI with all these handicaps. On current form, expect them to make it to the finals.
TNT: Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Ashish Nehra.

The Champions Trophy has been around. Now it has come around.

The Champions Trophy has been around. Now it has come around.

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