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The 2009 ICC Champions Trophy cometh!

September 14, 2009
We will not choke we will not choke we will not choke we will not choke not this time we will not choke we will not choke not this time

We will not choken dies tyme.Those daes are behynd us, now wie are wêreld bieters & we will beet evreeone & not chok

The purists have lost. They cried, they whined, they articulated eloquently, threatened not to respect it and stuck their head in a hole in the ground thinking it would go away.

But it didn’t.

The ICC pimped it up, now it’s a $4 million prize money bomb with a two week fuse and only the real gunpowder test teams playing.

Except for the West Indies, they’re resting their real guns for the 2010 T20 jamboree. It’s the only format that matters and sending the replacement squirt gun squad is an act which puts forth just what they think about the only ICC trophy they’ve won in 25 years.

There’s just a week to go for the tournament to begin and the fantasy games are up on most sites. I’m giddy with excitement to see Australia not go into a tournament as overwhelming favourites. To see South Africa, India & Sri Lanka pose a legitimate threat based on their consistent cricket over the past season.

To see Pakistan as a genuine wildcard after their World T20 triumph, to see Bangladesh go into a tournament with confidence drawn from wins for a change.

As for England, NZ & WI, the only place to go from here is up and we’d all love it if that happens. Because then this stupid, needless tournament will truly be put to rest.

With all the injuries, contract disputes & losses of form, building a team hasn’t been as hard it usually is. I’ve put my money on my lot. Is your team ready?

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