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Back To The Wall

August 18, 2009

Brows furrowed, Kris Srikkanth took a long hard drag on his cigarette. The soothing breeze blowing across the Besant Nagar beach was momentary relief, the sand it deposited in his shoes was trouble accumulating.

His fantasy team, the Chola Pandya Super Rebel Alliance had done well lately. There was the dominating pwnage of the erstwhile champions, the dramatic brushing aside of the past masters, the quelling of the neighbourhood contenders and even the successful conquest across the mighty ocean of the tenacious islanders.

The old commanders were gelling well with the new generals who were coming into their own. Some deemed it the right time to go out and the replacements at once proved themselves worthy. There were short skirmishes and long battles but importantly, there were victories.

The enemy was down but not defeated. The enemy learnt quick. They chose to strike when everyone would take notice.

It was at the Summit. One found a chink in the armour. The rest preyed on it. Easily defeated, the Chola Pandya Super Rebel Alliance beat a shamefully hasty retreat from the summit.

A consolation victory came against a bunch of fallen giants soon after but the questions remained. Why the susceptibility? Is this a champion side? The technique, the flamboyance, the incisiveness, the ability and the will was being questioned. As Chief Selector, Kris knew he had no easy answers.

When he first began, he had charted out a plan with the general. They decided that it would be team for the future. In the way of the raiding huns, their strength would be their power to attack. And that there would be no going back.

The battle and ambush personnel would be swift, cunning, daring and would hit the enemy so hard that nothing would be safe from them. The older warriors were considered a liability and only used for the longer wars.

The plan worked. Treasures flowed in from everywhere. But the enemy waited, watched and learnt. They recognized the new power and focussed their attacks on this new threat.

Kris knew that the requirements had changed but their capabilities had not. There was only one way ahead, and it involved taking a step back.

What they need now to keep the hounds out was defence.

Solid, unrelenting, determined, bloody defence. What was needed was, The Wall.

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