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The Truth Behind Brad Haddin’s Injury

July 31, 2009

Brad Haddin and his weak lady fingers.

Now this means I have two tourists in my Dream11. It’s a shame because he was a much better wicket-keeper batsman than the keeper formerly known as potty mouth Prior.

I’m actually pissed because had this development taken before the cut off time, I could have actually traded Haddin for Manou, offloaded Andrew ‘Ronald’ McDonald and brought in the heart-breakingly fragile Shane Watson to strengthen ma crew.

But no, it had to be a dramatic affair. So dramatic, that I had my doubts. So dramatic, it had to be stage managed. Here’s what our spycams picked up happened at practice.

Brad Haddin plays Xtreme standing up as keeper

Brad 'Bunny' Haddin (left) plays 'Xtreme standing up to Xpress pacer' while Kevin 'FIGJAM' Pietersen (right) plays 'Dodge the straight one'

The ball then dipped dramatically and hit his fingers.

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