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Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

July 30, 2009
All the elements of spectacular batting collapses.

All the elements of spectacular batting collapses.

Using very high precision equipment imported from Republique de Ulhasnagar, I extracted highly unstable elements from compounds with extremely unpredictable properties.

I then blended them all in a blender to form a curious substance which upon exposure to any cricketing conditions it collapses like it were Sri Lanka playing Pakistan in international cricket.

I’ve decided to call this new black hole level sucking power endowed dark matter the New Zealand Cricket team.

The 6 ODI series between the Pakistan and Sri Lanka starts today and if their past record against each other is anything to go by, there’s not much time for pee breaks.

Anyway, while I wait for the Nobel Committee for Physics to fawn all over my magnificence and call me, the FCKing Dirty Dozen are ready for action.

I’ve left out a lot of crowd favourites, never been much of a populist. I’ve been forced to leave out some young turks I wanted to bet on and I’ve picked some who are gonna keep me praying, but such is fantasy cricket…no, life…, fantasy cricket.

Who’s in your crew?


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