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National Pride Don’t Pay My Bills

July 28, 2009
Fck you test cricket! I'm off!

Fck you test cricket! I'm off!

This just in from No Zeal Land

6 cricketers from middle earth did not want to be part of a doomed substantially lesser earning fellowship. They felt it’s much easier to just wear the Ring, wield the power and roll in the money.

These orcs in hobbit’s clothing had their series against Australia shortened by 1 whole test match to join the IPL earlier (theyr’e missing half of it as it is).

They’re making it sound like a big sacrifice on their part and they want you to love them for this hard decision they had to make.

The IPL itself states that the players must place their international commitments ahead of their franchise.

Unfortunately, the IPL also has a track record of spectacularly contradicting itself on a lot of matters.  Sure can’t take their word for granted.

More on this matter where this gem came from:

“Dad, did you ever score a hundred against Australia?”

“No son, but I had a strike-rate of 143 for the Bengal Whatstheirnames.”

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