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FCKing Complexities

July 24, 2009

You don’t become the FCKing by self proclamation and owning a wardrobe full of invisible whites.

Making a team is a tough job which requires some serious rattling of the grey cells. Cricket lends itself to statistics like Graham Onions lends his name to bad puns.

There are a million stats you could look at. It’s true, such maniacal research is something non John Buchanan clones do too.

Or you could do it the old school way. Pick 2-3 key men and build a support act around them.

In fantasy sports it’s rare that you’ll get to make a team with 11 first choice players. If you can get three ‘stars‘ in a team, you’re a lucky bitch. If you get more, you need to set higher standards man.

The rest are the minute men who’ll hold together your team. These are the guys whose records you go through, the guys you pray for, the guys who’ll keep you on the edge of your seat every moment. And the gut twisting decision of who to make trump player?

Hell, you’ll find yourself comparing SWOT analyses of the guy you picked against that of the one you nearly did, hoping you made the right choice, praying for vindication, praying to be proven right. Nerve wracking, innit?

For some, it’s the thrill of the game.

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