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FCKing Warning

July 22, 2009

Any wisdom coming from a King matters.  This also applies to any wisdom that comes from a Fantasy Cricket King. Kings rule. So listen up.

If you’re active players of Fantasy Cricket, salut! You are among the select brethren of Cool. You are special citizens of the kingdom and you will be showered with royal gifts like whatever my agent comes up with.

Whenever I get an agent, that is.

If you think fantasy cricket is a past time for grown ups to play when they can’t play the real game, get FCKed.

Fantasy Cricket is a game for the devoted, the knowledgable and the undaunted. There’s a joy when a player you back gets a fiver or a ton, especially if that player is one of the weaker links in your team.

By now I’m sure you’ve got what I’m saying?

Fantasy Cricket is not just a stupid game. It takes balls. You pick yourself a bunch of fighters and you put all your trust in them. And you ask yourself one question.

Feel Lucky Punk

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